بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


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         Baba reclined peacefully on the dirt floor while people clasped for his right hand.  Some shed tears without words, while others blurted out their problems.  The Dervish simply allowed his hand to be pulled from person to person, listening and occasionally speaking words or phrases that few, if any, comprehended.  The only consistency within the seeming chaos that surrounded me was the extraordinary power and love that emanated from Sheikh Baba Sultan's presence.

I watched patiently as Baba patted each person's hand, before clasping the next.  Finally I made my move.  I swiftly handed Baba the note I had received from his student.  I was the only "foreigner" in the room and many were curious to see what Baba would do with the note.  Baba examined my "letter of recommendation."   Then, he tucked it away into one of the cloth pouches he had made.  After that, I too, reached for his hand.


                  As I felt Baba's fingers close around mine, a deep sense of peace encompassed me.  The noise, the heat, all the discomfort was meaningless now.  I wanted to suspend this moment in time, for I knew I had truly found a "Wali Allah." Suddenly, Baba spoke to me, without words, yet the meaning was clear.  His communication was as lovely as a frequent breeze, yet as powerful as a clap of thunder. As I tightened my grasp, the cries around me, the dusty dirt floor, the candlelight, all faded away and there was only peace. After sometime (I couldn’t say how long) I felt someone grabbing at my arm, trying to pull my hand away from Baba’s.  Baba told me wordlessly to hold on tight, which I did, and our communion continued.  Finally Baba whispered something out loud.  His few words were filled with love and I knew it was time for him to help another.  He patted my palm gently as I released my clasp.  Immediately the person next to me grabbed his hand.  But, Baba had not really let go of mine, and I knew he never would.



    And so it began!  I finally found my teacher.  I had "taken hand" and been accepted.  Throughout my sojourn I’d met a wide range of spiritual teachers,  but not one of them had beckoned to my soul. Not one of them was able to reach deep into my heart as Baba had instantaneously done with the touch of his sweet hand.  My way was finally clear.  In this little village, among people I could barely understand my teacher had been waiting for me, as I had been for him.  We were together at last!


    The night progressed, but I was lost in peace.  As we drove back to the hotel I smiled to myself.  My spiritual guide was to be a “God Intoxicated” Qalandar.  I would get no classes, no lectures, and no written treatises from him.  To the westerner's logical way of thinking this was like a puzzling dream. And yet, to me, it was perfect, exactly what I needed!

As we road back to Srinagar, I reviewed every detail of Baba’s appearance in my mind: His patched, worn clothing; the pieces of cloth that he had tied into pouches, after filling them with bread, fruit, sugar, tobacco, candy, or other little treasures.  I recalled how Baba had distributed these pouches with great care.  Each item had a practical use and a symbolic meaning.  If the recipient was aware, he or she would understand the significance of both.

On my subsequent visits to my Sheikh, I would often ponder specific questions in my mind.  Baba usually answered them immediately upon my arrival, without me uttering even a single question out loud.  Yes, the answers were usually given in symbols.  But these symbols were alive and not confined to any one point in time.  Therefore, they constantly offered new answers and insights.  I often marveled as I watched Sheikh Baba Sultan read people's hearts, respond to hidden thoughts, and answer unspoken questions.

As all seekers know, there is no end to a story, after the teacher has been found.  There is only unfolding, movement, expansion, and the everlasting love that comes from God through His friends.  As one progresses there are chapters upon chapters, and often there are no words adequate enough to express the depth of the journey.  


     Each journey is unique and profoundly individual.  Thus, on that note, this little narrative will end with a prayerful wish: 


 "Bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim.

Dearest Allah, may all those who long for You bask in Your Presence; may their paths be filled with Truth and with the Pure Light of Your Friends.  Oh Beloved, bless all creation as You fill Your lovers with Peace, Wisdom, and Your Everlasting Affection.  You alone can fulfill our needs! Bismillah


May Allah's Peace and Magnificent Blessings be upon our beloved Sufi Teacher, Baba Sultan."



Bismillah  al-Rahman al-Rahimm. 






Above quote from: "Journey To The Lord Of Power" 

By, Sheikh Muhyiddin Ibn 'Arabi


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